About Us

WOS aspires to bring you closer to “Effectiveness and Efficiency” with insightful data.

“We wish to be the world’s most advanced history teacher, where such history is formed by pieces of Big Data recorded to serve as information for future references, giving better value for both mankind and corporate alike.”

About Us


World of Sharing (WOS) is a platform that provides data mining services created by a group of data and technology enthusiasts. In mid-2017, we initiated our activities to amass personal preferences, behavior and experiences to enhance chances for success. We aim to raise living standards and improve quality of life through invaluable gains from the understanding of complex human behavior via advanced technologies.


We are the pioneer in utilizing Big Data and Sharing Economics by integrating Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gather experiences, while incorporating Blockchain for the highest integrity for data storage, as well as to ensure that the value of data collected to our esteemed client preserves its validity.

Our Team

We welcome only qualified professionals and are proud to have a team of competent and dedicated business experts, software developer and technologists who have direct experience in general management, financial management, payments and settlement systems, business developments, programming, Blockchain technology and operations management to build our brand.

Our Projects

There is a vast amount of data awaiting to be collected for valuable information and insights. As such, we are starting with 4 major pillars of living; Food, Space, Lifestyle and Transportation. With these key pillars, we believe that the data collected will enable improved decision making for our clients to deliver products effectively to everyone.

Developed as provider of total dining solutions between merchants and customers, enabling both entities to be connected in easier and faster way.

As the wave of unmanned store is slowly taking over the scene of retail industry, we are shifting this concept to offices, an undeveloped yet lucrative market.


A co-space sharing business based on the concept of sharing economy enabling entrepreneurs to use or rent only what is needed for the business.


A platform that captures user’s data on fashion taste and trend to provide valuable insights that enhances the supply chain, operations and shopping experience.


From road safety and security to surveillance systems and more, the solution uses advanced technologies to assist drivers and other players in the transportation industry.

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